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Wood Chipping



For larger projects, where speed and volume can be pivotal in completing the job under budget and on-time Treeworx use tractor driven pulverisers and mulches which can grind brash and vegetation down to a fine carpet within minutes, resulting in a considerable cost saving when compared to crane or hand feeding wood chippers.

Many people may feel confident enough to tackle their own tree and hedge maintenance and removal work but find themselves left with a pile of branches or clippings that they cannot efficiently remove.

TreeworX have wood chippers that can accommodate any chipping job.
With an experienced tree surgeon at the helm these machines can process a considerable amount of waste in a very short space of time.
Woodchip can be left on site to spread around flowerbeds, make garden paths etc. or it can be blown straight into one of our vehicles and removed altogether.

For professional, efficient and cost-effective wood chipping and mulching services, get in contact with TreeworX today.

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