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Crown Thinning


Done properly tree thinning can benefit the health of the tree and satisfy a client’s needs regarding light penetrating the canopy resulting in brighter garden.

This technique when used in conjunction with a gentle crown raise will allow far more light into your garden than traditional and out-dated topping methods which result in poor tree health and a spurt of vigorous epitomic growth which regrows thicker and heavier than natural growth patterns.

Thinning of a trees crown involves removing secondary branches in such a way that it helps to balance the crowns structure, without interfering with the natural size or shape of the tree.

Upon completion clients can expect to see improved levels of light passing through the canopy which can dramatically improve shading in gardens without the need for topping or removing the tree.
It reduces the wind throw effect on the crown of a tree by allowing the wind to pass through the crown with less resistance and also minimises the wind loading on the branches of the tree.
Weak, crossing or damaged branches are also removed at this point.
Crown thinning is a practice most generally performed on broad-leaved species of tree and when preparing fruit trees for next year’s harvest. Usually the scope of these works will be designated as a percentage e.g. thin crown by 10%.
Crown thinning is one of the most difficult tree pruning techniques and requires a more subtle approach than that of canopy reduction.

Reasons For Tree Thinning

There are a few reasons why crown thinning might be required:

Crown thinning can help to improve light levels passing through the tree, giving more light to dark gardens.
Crown thinning can reduce the wind throw effect on the crown and also reduces the strain upon the branches of the tree if performed correctly.
Thinning lightens weight and assists in the removal of deadwood, weak, crossed or damaged branches.


Professional Tree Thinning

One of our favourite tree surgery jobs here at TreeworX.

Thinning a trees crown is a great alternative to topping, when you would like more light in your shady garden but don't want to damage your trees natural shape and vigour.

When it comes to crown thinning, choosing a qualified tree surgeon like the tree service professionals in TreeworX is a very wise decision.

This is a very delicate job which to be done correctly needs a skilled tradesperson with experience to decide on the right cuts to make.

For professional tree thinning services, get in contact with TreeworX today.

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