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Tree Climbing and Tree Access Equipment


Using the latest tree access and tree climbing techniques, our tree surgery experts can access and remove trees in narrow back gardens, remote locations, trees in close proximity or overhanging buildings/conservatories, town lands or woodlands using our array of climbing rigging and access equipment.

In fact there is no tree that cannot be accessed and removed no matter how difficult it may seem. We as professionals relish these jobs as we feel it is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Call us today to organise a free site visit and discuss available options.    0851606850.

Tree Surgery Cost Reduction

Treeworx tree surgeons are fully qualified in tree climbing and aerial felling techniques which are among some of the most cost effective methods for tree removal as it keeps price down to a minimum.

We've also been known to rescue the odd cat and more recently drones from time to time!!!

Our Tree service professionals have all been climbing for many years and can have a tree down and gone in a relatively short space of time using these techniques.

However should a tree be too dangerous to climb or if it is deemed to be more cost effective.
We are also all, certified M.E.W.P. operators with a keen eye for using the right hoist for the job.

For high branch removal and dangerous tree scaling services, get in contact with TreeworX today.

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