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Hedge Trimming and Removal

Hedge Trimming Removal

tree removal

General Guidelines for Hedge Trimming:

Hedges need to be cut back once every year. This goes for Leylandii hedges as well as Laurel, Buxus, Yew and Privet.
If you maintain your hedge at a manageable height, it doesn't take very long with a decent hedge trimmer. If you consider how many times you mow your lawn in a year, cutting a hedge is far less work and it is far simpler than having to paint a fence that could fall down after a few years.
Leylandii hedges should be trimmed once or twice a year.
Some people advocate trimming Leylandii three times (or more!) every year, but this is unnecessary and, can weaken a Leylandii hedge during years of drought or other times of stress.
Leylandii hedges that have been cut too regularly do not get sufficient chance to develop re-growth before springtime, so they are more inclined to suffer from problems.
If you don’t trim your Leylandii hedge every year, it can grow up to 3ft within a year and rapidly grow to a height where you will require the assistance of a professional tree surgeon.
If you maintain your hedge between 6 - 8ft (2-3m) it is much easier and cost effective to manage than if it is 10 -15ft (4-5m) tall.

TreeworX tree surgeons
trim the majority of our client’s hedges once every year.
We also maintain tall hedges that require mobile elevated work platforms ( MEWP) and we use various platforms and work methods to reach these hedges.
Leylandii hedges can provide excellent windbreaks for properties and also provide excellent privacy and screening.

TreeworX always leave about 4-6 inches of green foliage on the hedge, before getting to the brown dead foliage inside the hedge.
If the hedge is cut back very hard so there is scarcely any green foliage left, you can encounter problems if the hedge undergoes any type of stress, such as excessive heat and drought that can burn the foliage or decrease the hedges capacity for regrowth.
Your Leylandii hedge should be trimmed back to the same height and width each year, this ensures your hedge will stay the same height and width and won’t grow taller or wider year on year.
Hedges should be left slightly wider at the base than at the top.
Hedges should be trimmed in the spring or summer months. This will give your hedge a chance to recover and enjoy some re-growth before winter.
Hedges should not be trimmed during periods of very hot or dry weather.
Recent studies have shown that having your Leylandii hedge cut in late autumn can make it more vulnerable to winter attack from the Cypress Aphid.
If your hedge used as boundary with a between neighbours, they should be liaised with as their side will also need trimming.

All waste and hedge cuttings are removed off site for recycling in an environmentally friendly manner leaving your site clean and tidy with no mess and no fuss.

However if you are confident enough to takle your hedge trimming job yourself why not have a look at some of our excellent garden tools in our online store, where you will find a full range of incredible quality garden machinery from Echo including Power Pruners, Hedge Trimmers, Garden Blowers, the versatile garden multi-tool and of course, chainsaws.

TreeworX are true professionals when it comes to hedge trimming and hedge cutting.

Our expert tree surgeons will guide you through every aspect of your hedge maintenance requirements and make recommendations based on your specific needs.

We have a vast arsenal of specialist hedge cutting equipment at our disposal including: Pole Pruners, Long Arm and Short Arm Hedge Trimmers, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, Tractor Driven Flails and Disc Cutters.
Hedge cutting takes a skilled eye to be done effectively and all of our tree surgery operators have many years’ experience in delivering neat and uniform hedging projects for clients all over Ireland including Meath, Dublin, Louth, Cavan and Kildare, Donegal, Tipperary, Monaghan and Cork to name but a few.

For professional, efficient and cost-effective hedge trimming and hedge removal services, get in contact with TreeworX today.

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