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Stump Removal

TreeworX has the solution for all your tree stump removal needs.

Tree stumps in remote locations, down narrow passages, in back gardens or entire woodland to be ground out.

We have the machine for the job.

Tree stumps in public areas often create potential trip hazards which need to be addressed to minimise potential for harm to members of the public.
Stumps in the middle of lawns and open areas are of great inconvenience to mowers and are an eyesore on your property.


All our operators are fully NPTC certified in stump grinding operations and will leave your site clean and tidy after the grinding operations have been completed.

Tree stumps can remain in the ground after a tree has been removed but this can lead to difficulties with sucker growth whereby sucker shoots grow vigorously from the stump and root system.
Completely dead stumps will not send out sucker growth, but they can harbour pathogens such as honey fungus, so are not desirable to have in close proximity to other valuable trees.

Tree stumps can be removed at any stage. Employing qualified tree surgeons to grind out the stumps after they have felled the tree is the simplest way to have stumps gotten rid of.
The stump grinder will mechanically grind out the stump and roots, leaving fine sawdust. A few roots will more than likely be left in the ground but most should eventually decay.

When to Remove a Stump

For professional tree stump removal and tree root removal get in contact with TreeworX today.

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