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Tree Surveys and Consultancy

Arboriculture Reports


Tree identification

Dimensions such as height and diameter

How old the tree is

General condition of the tree


Expected longevity

A certified arboriculture consultant should work to the British Standard BS5837.
This Standard can help to establish which trees to be kept, and which trees are to be removed by a professional tree surgery company.

The report can contain the following information:

If you need an Arboriculture report or are worried about the condition of trees on your property then you need to talk to us.

TreeworX work with some of the best Arboriculture Consultants in the country so you can rest assured that your trees and your property will be covered by the highest standards in the industry.

Depending upon your needs, TreeworX can supply a tree survey to fit your exact requirements.

An arboriculture report is an important tree survey that is undertaken on private or public property. The aim of this report is to supply useful data on the trees so that land owners managers and tree surgeons can make informed decisions.

The report can also indicate potential hazards.
All trees will be tagged with individual tags and numbers to coincide with the report recommendations and for continuity during follow up reports.

Some reasons why tree surveys are needed:

Planning Permission:

If you would like to submit application for planning permission and trees are located on site , then you will need a qualified Arboricultural Consultant to perform a BS 5837 tree survey. Our consultant can help you to gain planning permission by minimising the impact on your trees.

Health and Safety:

If you are worried regarding the condition of trees that you have responsibility for, our arborist can rigorously examine your trees for mechanical problems and pathological infection. The tree survey can make recommendations that will bring risk to an acceptable level and satisfy insurance companies that all reasonable precautions have been undertaken.


Trees can sometimes unfortunately cause damage to people and property.
If this occurs one of our Arboricultural Consultants can perform a post event forensic survey and produce a tree report that will stand up in a court of law.

For industry standard tree surveys and consultations, get in contact with TreeworX today.

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