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Street Tree Maintenance

Our tree surgeons at TreeworX have been involved pruning and maintaining street trees for private housing estates and local authorities for many years and pride themselves on their tree care ,pruning, and tree surgery techniques.

We know that working in residential areas can sometimes cause friction between neighbouring residents and for this reason we endeavour to use electric chainsaws wherever possible keeping noise disturbance to a minimum.

We use the very latest in technology to ensure your tree project is completed quickly and efficiently by our tree surgeons without disturbing the peace.

Talk to one of our friendly members of staff today to discuss your street tree maintenance project and explore all the options we have regarding minimising noise disturbance in urban environments.

The importance of Managed Urban Street Trees

Purer, Colder Air:

In return for giving oxygen, trees absorb carbon dioxide made from the use of varied fuels. Trees clean respiratory system harming dirt and smoke from the environment, in addition to providing shade for people and preserving energy.

Air quality is improved by trees


Trees give many positives to an urban environment, especially with purifying air pollution and implementing a positive impact on health.
In regards to reduction of air contamination, trees provide cover that reduces temps. and aids to keep contaminants already in the air from volatising, while additionally intercepting several of the solid contaminates that are already in the atmosphere.

Research has shown that urban hot spots can alter weather patterns

Altering the quantity and period of localised precipitation patterns. Urban trees lessen the impact of urban hot spots and minimise changes in weather patterns.
One acre of trees produces enough oxygen to provide clean air for 18 people every single day.

Clean Water

Trees also perform as natural water purifiers and assist to considerably slow the movement of flood water, which lowers total run off volume, soil erosion and flooding. From an economic standing, communities that implement this important use of trees could pay less when developing further flood water management systems.

During a significant period of heavy rain, a healthy woodland can absorb as much as 80,000 litres of water in an hour.


Noise pollution is dramatically reduced by absorbing sound waves. Trees also offer natural habitats for several species.

Health Benefits of Street Trees

Studies have found a relationship between street trees and the average amount of physical activity performed by local residents. Residents are better inclined to get outdoors and exercise once their locality is greener. In turn, greater physical exertion leads to less instances of obesity, which in turn could minimise health issues like cardiovascular disease and other illness.

Attention Span

Children that spend time outside pay greater attention inside.
Children with ADHD in particular, can concentrate better, complete tasks, and follow instructions after playing in natural settings.



Trees filter airborne contaminates and minimise the conditions that cause bronchial asthma; asthma occurrences increase in urban settings wherever trees are removed in favour of infrastructure, homes and industrial developments.

Hospital visits are shortened if patients have a view of trees and open areas.

Social Benefits

Studies have revealed a direct relationship between the quantity of trees and grass in municipal common areas and also the use of these common areas by residents, which aids casual social interaction and greater relationships among community members.

Trees make localities habitable for the public and soften the sharp straight edges of concrete, iron and glass.

For professional and highly experienced street tree maintenance, get in contact with TreeworX today.

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